One of our Current Projects: The Coldest Journey


You (Kalliope) are definitely a big "unsung" hero for all that you have done for us over the last year. Without you we would probably not have our cabooses at all.

A thousand thanks and best wishes.



Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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Project Profile

The Coldest Journey is the first attempt to cross the Antarctic continent during winter, when temperatures can reach -70 Celsius.

This will test the limits of human endurance, and not surprisingly, the living accommodation that moves with the team must also cope with temperature extremes and challengers that have never been encountered before.

For us, the unique building design made this our most ambitious and rewarding project to date. Read more


Images courtesy Ranulph Fiennes/NASA

Other Projects

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Key Systems

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Transpack, Warehousing, Temporary Mortuaries & Infrastructure Systems


We specialise in designing accommodation solutions for a wide range of government organisations and commercial companies (many blue chip) for projects around the world, and for locations ranging from the mundane to the exceptional in both type and environment.

Our strength is in our flexibility and open minded approach to clients individual (and often unique) requirements, where our years of Project Management experience in achieving tight timetables with a quality service has proved invaluable, to the extent that over 90% of our business is repeat orders from satisfied clients.

We do not compete in the traditional markets of standard Site Cabins, or locations already served by established indigenous companies.

We always work closely with clients to determine their actual technical requirements on each and every project, and then designing optional solutions to their project requirements. Often this involves incorporating the input from other specialists we think appropriate to each unique project opportunity.

This is not done in isolation, and our ability to integrate is an essential part of our management approach, as we consider that 'nobody has a monopoly of good ideas' and sometimes a comment made in jest may be the seed of a lateral thinking solution!

Our mantra (adopted from a past quote from a wise client) is "If it's not fun, don't do it" as that is a major contributor to obtaining the best performance from people and our suppliers to mutual benefit and project success.


We operate from our base in Hertfordshire, and sometimes from our clients' own offices and/or our lead suppliers workshop facilities, as appropriate to the project.

The geographic distribution of our projects is worldwide, and to date we have designed and supplied projects in the following countries – some on several different projects:

Ascension Islands
Democratic Republic of Congo	
Congo (Brazzaville)
Equatorial Guinea
Falkland Islands
Ghana						Grand Cayman
Japan						Kazakhstan
Mozambique					Montserrat
Sierra Leone
South Georgia				
Client Sectors

We have already served major international clients in the following sectors: 

Governments and International Aid Agencies
Engineering and Construction
Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Geophysical Survey
Police & Emergency Services
Industrial and Manufacturing
Sports and Exhibition Events
Scope of Services

...and to make it a truly comprehensive service we also offer:

Tented Accommodation and Camp
Commercial Kitchens and Laundries
Office and Domestic Furniture
Soft Furnishings
Permanent and Portable Power Generation and Distribution Systems
Water Treatment Packages
Sewage Treatment Packages
Emergency Food Supplies and Logistics
We also have close working relationships with Leading Camp Management contractors.

We use products from a wide range of specialist suppliers, but typically either modified ISO Shipping Containers, or Transpak Units supplied by Containex Gmbh of Austria, as most of our clients accommodation requirements need to be shipped in the most economic and efficient way possible.

Over the past 20 years, we have established a network of key specialist equipment suppliers and subcontractors, each with very specific skills and talents, and this 'team' is welded into a combined operation as required for each specific project. Everyone of these specialists are known to us – often on a personal basis – and are accustomed to working in our required management and attitude framework.

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