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Key Systems


These 20 ft x 8 ft Units are based on Transpak Modules manufactured by Containex Gmbh modified to our specification requirements, and are supplied with non slip vinyl flooring and white steel lined walls and ceilings, making them easy to clean and maintain. The units are 'self spanning' from each ISO corner casting, and only require supports set level at these corner points.

All units have door opening operated lights, and the Zanotti chiller can be easily set to the required temperature range. (we supply the units preset to +3 degrees or +4 degrees Celsius) The chiller can also be supplied with terminals for connection to a central alarm system in the event of temperature failure. Access is through a 1000mm wide door via a removable easily handled aluminium access ramp to suit the Trolley clearance.

Internally, they are fitted with 4 sets of 8' 0" long x 4 tier high galvanised steel shelving providing storage for 16 cadavers. These shelves, which are supplied with either lay in rubber wheel trays or steel rollers depending on the mortuary tray type selected, are accessed using the side loading trolley supplied with the unit.

The units require a 16 amp, single phase power supply, with a connection point within 8 metres of the Chiller at rear of the unit (a 10 metre connection cable and plug is provided as part of the supplied unit).


Summary Specification

Units: 20 ft x 8 ft x 8ft 6in high (6000 x 2240 x 2591) insulated Transpak Units with white or light grey painted external steel wall panels and white finish only internally. Insulated 1000 wide access door positioned centrally in end wall. Floor finish is non-slip vinyl with upstand skirting.

Chiller: Zanotti AS Uniblock refrigeration unit, supported with local call out service agreement for 12 months. Thereafter by separate service contract.

Shelving: Galvanised steel racking system, comprising 4 sets of 8 ft long x 2 ft wide x 4 tier high shelves fully demountable for easy adjustment and/or cleaning, with shelves set to heights within the operating range of the hydraulic trolley. Supplied with either spring loaded steel lay in rollers to suit stainless steel Mortuary Trays, or lay in trays with rubber roller wheels when supplied with Fibreglass Mortuary Trays (see below)

Trolley: Manually operated, side loading model MF hydraulic trolley.

Trays: Option of either side loading Stainless Steel Trays or Fibreglass Mortuary Trays, modified to operate on appropriate roller tray system.

Temporary Mortuaries and Cadaver Storage

16 Cadaver unit on deployment

Interior showing 4 Tier racking both sides of Central Access Way

20ft x 8ft - 16 cadaver Unit being hoisted into location (internal similar to above photos but
with Racking/Shelving for 8 each side)

Two 8 Cadaver Units on Location (10ft x 8ft Units)

Trolley and access ramp

Temporary mortuary
facility, Thailand

16 Cadaver ISO reefer unit available to hire