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Key Systems

The two-hinged steel frames are prefabricated in the factory as single sections with roof

and wall covering. The single sections are delivered to the site with two longitudinal wall

elements folded under the two roof elements. They are unfolded on site by a crane,

mounted as rigid frames with corner bracings. The sections are then bolted together.

The sections are 10 feet long, the span varies between 40 and 100 feet. The eaves height can be between 18 and 24 feet increasing in 2 feet stages. The length of the building is determined by the number of 10 feet sections.

  1. BulletThe building can be ordered with or without insulation.

  2. WarehousingVarious thicknesses are available.

  3. The construction is designed for a snow-load of
    1.75 kN/m2, and for a wind velocity of 30m/s.

Multi Functional & Relocatable Pre-fab Building as Workshop, Warehouse, Storage, etc.

Easy to Transport & Quick Site Erection

Quality Manufacturing & Up-To-Date Development


The procedure: The crane moves the modules in to place, the neighbouring elements are bolted together, the flashing elements are mounted and the doors are assembled. The building can be dismantled in the same way.

A 40 metre-long building can be assembled in two days.